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Here at FourMIME, we are aiming to provide Yorkshire and Derbyshire based SME businesses and their owners a new approach to personal mentoring and sound boarding. We recognise through our own SME journeys that there is no one solution to fit all…

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Achieve Your Goals with Four Mime
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Our Mission is to translate our business learnings from varied disciplines / industries and find a means to share and communicate this to various levels of business, whether you are an individual or SME.

Applying a 'rolled up sleeve' approach with hands on mentality, we're not suited and booted, indeed we'll want to get under the skin of your business to truly become that working partner / support to you.

As we learnt in our SME businesses we need to ensure we provide value swiftly for those valuable pounds spent!

Our Approach

Sharpen Skills

Into Weapons

As we are fresh from industry ourselves, we retain and have enjoyed the hands on approach – world wisely trained in SME life so to speak understanding common problems that most businesses / employers/ leaders share. The mechanics of business are common across most walks of life and indeed the problems experienced similar, our approach will aid you understand that it's 'not just you' or 'you're not alone' with thoughts or problems.

Our experience has been learnt in the field and not a classroom or via a text book, so we're hoping our message is easy to understand and translate/ interpret for you the person reaching out for assistance.

Sharpen Skills into Weapons with Four Mime

You're not the same as everyone else

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Get the edge on your competition with Four Mime
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We recognise that once the hurdle of reaching out has been taken, initially it may be you the individual that needs some assessment prior to looking at the wider the business. Our approach is to 'get under your skin' as well as that of your business, being business owners ourselves we recognise that problems, distractions may come from various directions, whether at work or indeed at home.

We have experienced pressures from various directions and have learnt how to manage some of these on an ongoing basis. Mentoring/Coaching – what does this mean to you? How do you feel about the terms 'mentoring' / coaching? Leadership can be a lonely place at times, after all, you are the one who is meant to have all of the answers.. often thru talking about our own experiences we can trigger thought processes in you, after all, we're real, we can then challenge your thought processes, reason things thru, be objective and encourage you to think as to consequences and contingency planning.

These new skills and attributes cross pollenate into your business, leadership and management teams. Applying one to one support will often find trigger points, distractions and aid provide a fix thru the 'objectivity' or what we at Fourmime call 'being a conscience'.

Our Experience


Real Results

Our CV's which can be found here on our web page hopefully will provide insight to enable you to make an informed judgement as to who we are, achievements and encourage you relate/ think about what challenges we would have experienced over the years. Like most entrepreneurs we started out from humble beginnings, we learnt there is no magic formula to business but do recognise that at times you could do with understanding where to turn too perhaps when at a cross roads, often the answers / solutions are not always obvious.

We have been fortunate to have worked as employees as well as employers over the years and hope that this background aids to provide strong foundations as to be objective.

Delivering Real Results with Four Mime

Latest Success Stories

Featured Image for DATA cabling & wifi company – Sheffield

DATA cabling & wifi company – Sheffield

Mentoring, Sound-boarding and Non Exec Director engagement: We were contacted by the company owner in the autumn of 2015 to objectively look at assessing his business. Our engagement was initially informal  during the assessment process.  The business enjoys in-excess of 20 years trading, however it had recently hit a turbulent period resulting in a CVA arrangement with its


successful MBO


secured jobs


Steve Naylor, Doordeals Ltd.

‘I was introduced to Andy through a mutual friend, who was aware that i’d been having a few dilemmas within my business. In essence, I was at a bit of a cross roads in regards to where to go next with my company. When starting my business 10 years ago I had never thought  “how do I exit my business” or “when is the time to start planning how to remove myself”. For so long I have been working “in the business as opposed to on the business” and I wasn’t sure anyone would buy a business that I was so integral in running.

Speaking to Andy it helped clarify so many things. Just speaking to someone who’s been stood at that same cross roads was such a benefit. He helped me see a clear path and identify what I wanted, as well as what I needed to put in place to get there. Simple things like identifying what I wanted from life, when I wanted to achieve this and then putting a plan in place to work backwards from that date.

All in all, I have found FourMIME to be an invaluable asset in helping me clarify my future.’

Phil Purnell, PP 2010 (UK) Ltd.

‘As a somewhat naive company owner, during a time when I was faced with a serious decision regarding the future of my business in determining whether I should expand or consolidate my position in the market, I sought the advice of Andy, who was introduced to me through a mutual friend.  Andy put me at ease almost immediately, and within a couple of hours of meeting him for the first time, going through the accounts of his business experience and the advice offered, I was able to make a decision that has resulted in more than doubling my turnover and moreover secured my future.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who simply needs support, just listen to him, you will not regret it.’

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‘Hugging The Tree’ – Being an Objective leader in business

09 Mar 2017

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