The Opportunity To Take Back Control

Writing/speaking who as a partner in an SME myself in my last business I wasn’t aware, never mind sure of what I needed and where to turn too. I was lucky enough to cross paths with my colleague Ian Bell whom I had once worked with in the industry that I spent 22 years within.

Ian recognised that I was ‘stuck’ within a ‘rut’ so to speak and enticed me to talk about where I and our business was going, through these open and frank conversations I engaged and undertook a 3 year roadmap with a view of exiting my business and indeed my industry.

I recognised that I wanted a completely new challenge, Ian became my mentor/coach and indeed our Non-Executive Director.

Our aim now for Four MIME is to find likeminded individuals who are willing/wanting to make change for us to aid and support them to achieve their goals and objectives.


Andrew Fulham
Andrew Fulham

Andrew Fulham

My Career Path has been somewhat unusual having started out as a young builder/civils worker. After studying higher education and leaving university in the early naughties I ventured into civils, more specifically ‘Utilities’ where as a young man / man manager I cut my ‘man management’ skills on working...

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